Soul Searching with Ram K C: Business, Belonging, and Breath


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Soul Searching with Ram K C: Business, Belonging, and Breath

Who else needs a stress release? Our guest this week is a tech leader and meditation instructor. He gives a practical tool: in minute 16 he demonstrates a meditation exercise called “cappuccino breath” to give us energy. Take 3 minutes now and feel the positive effect! He shares his soul searching of hitting rock bottom: “the ambition and stress as an entrepreneur led to the greatest learning of my life: how breath can build resilience, calm ourselves, and access endless reservoir of energy.” (10:30) On the pandemic: "Nature is forcing us to give our best."

He shares wise leaderships tips to create an effective team: “Most of us carry a private image to work and keep our own image in our personal life. Once we carry our natural self to work those barriers come down and we create belongness. I’ve realized the more generous I am in sharing appreciation it gives exponential impact on the team. Celebrating every small win builds the emotional fabric of the team. Love is one thing that grows with giving and the more we see happiness.”

His practical wisdom: “Clarity in mind. Purity in heart. Sincerity in action.”

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