Thanksgiving: A New Way of Life & How to Give Appreciation


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Thanksgiving: A New Way of Life & How to Give Appreciation

In honor of Thanksgiving, let’s cultivate appreciation and train our brains to look for good in others, situations and ourselves. Let’s use growth mindset and see that we can become more positive and grateful.

In How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie invites us “to a new way of life. If we stop thinking about ourselves for awhile and begin to think of the other’s good points, we won’t have to resort to flattery.”

Do you feel awkward in praising people? You're not alone! Once we see the strengths of others, we can tell them genuinely using the formula: “you are (positive quality), for example (specific moment).” This phrase ensures we highlight who they are as a person instead of just what they do, and we use evidence to demonstrate our sincerity.

This method is also useful in interviews and performance reviews. When we consider our own abilities by saying “I am” and remind ourselves “for example” of specific achievements, we genuinely build our confidence and articulate value.

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