Are You Up to Date on Clinic Management Best Practices?


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Are you wondering if there is a better way to hire staff for your healthcare practice?

Are you looking for new ways to create revenue for your practice or manage expenses differently?

Do you want to keep up to date on clinic management best practices?

Many clinic managers find that they need help from time to time from other clinic managers who understand their problems.

In this Practice Management Nugget Webinar for Your Healthcare Practice, Susan Le Doux and Katherine La Porte of the Alberta Association of Clinic Managers (AACM) will discuss the 3 common problems AACM can help clinic managers solve.

Susan and Katherine will also reveal the benefits of being an AACM including:

  • access to on-line forum of clinic managers across Canada
  • networking and education events in-person and on-line
  • on-line resources
  • mentoring with a seasoned clinic manager

Susan Le Doux is the current President of AACM and Katherine La Porte is the Secretary of AACM. They are my guest experts on Practice Management Nuggets Webinars for Your Healthcare Practice. Susan and Katherine will discuss how their membership with AACM has helped them and can help you, too!

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Clinic managers don't have to work alone - Join AACM and benefit from networking and support of your peers with @AACMgroup

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