Can You Text With Your Patients?


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In this Q&A, we're talking about: Can you use text messaging with patients?

The short answer is, ‘Yes’.

The longer answer is ‘Yes, but . . . make sure that you are really clear about why you want to use text messaging, carefully plan the implementation and monitor its use.’ Listen to the full audio Q&A for my detailed response. Here are some audio highlights:

01:51 Patients want to use text messaging

02:24 Why text messaging?

04:59 Level of risk

06:33 Mitigation strategy

12:26 Bleen cloud based medical referral management system (Stitcher link

13:19 ezReferral patient appointment management (Stitcher link

15:15 Healthquest EMR ( 16:30 Privacy Impact Assessment

17:46 E-Course: Privacy Impact Assessments to Protect Your Practice, Your Assets, and Your Patients

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