How Mandatory Privacy Breach Reporting Will Affect Your Healthcare Practice


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Brought to you by your Practical Privacy Coach and Practice Management Mentor

Mandatory Privacy Breach Reporting is Coming to Alberta!

Do you know how this will affect your healthcare practice?

. . then this free webinar is for you!

If you are a custodian–including physicians, pharmacists, optometrists, dentists, dental hygienists, chiropractors, nurse practitioners, podiatrists, midwives, optometrists, opticians, and more!–as defined by Alberta's Health Information Act, then . . then this free webinar is for you!

You need to know how mandatory privacy breach reporting will affect you!

In this Free Webinar, Jean L. Eaton, Your Practical Privacy Coach will explain

**what is a privacy breach

**why a privacy breach is a significant problem

**why have mandatory privacy breach reporting

offence and penalty provisions of the HIA

**privacy breach notification requirements

**what you need to do before August 31, 2018

Show Notes / Contents You can advance the audio to these time markers:

06:28 What is a privacy breach 07:55 Personal information 09:31 What is privacy 10:30 Personally identifying 11:44 Why is a privacy beach significant 14:21 Healthcare system 15:13 Risk of significant harm (ROSH) or ROH 18:21 Penalties 19:49 Important to the individual 20:25 Biggest mistake 21:16 Example – forgery 23:49 Example – letter 25:38 Example – garbage 31:05 Example – social media 33:12 Example – fraud 33:52 Example – ransomware 35:19 Example – theft unencrypted data 38:31 Mandatory privacy beach reporting 39:23 New notification requirements 40:18 Offence penalties 40:39 Triggers privacy breach notifications 42:46 Privacy breach discipline principles 47:08 Privacy breach management program 47:36 4 Step Response Plan 52:26 BONUS – Can you spot a privacy breach? Privacy breach awareness video – You can share this!

For more help, download the free e-book, Understanding Privacy Breach Notification

I am honoured that you choose to spend your time with me today. Thank you for the opportunity to share my obsession about privacy, confidentiality and security with you!

Jean, Your Practical Privacy Coach

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