How to Improve Your Patient Referral Management - Review of ezReferral


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Many healthcare practices find that patient referral management is the single biggest time consuming and difficult chore in their practice. It is critically important to get this right.

Now healthcare practices of any size can improve your patient referral management process in this 30-minute interview and ezReferrel review with Dr. Denis Vincent.

Dr. Denis Vincent, CCFP is a patient referral management expert and Medical Director and Physician Founder of ezReferral.

In this Free 30-minute Privacy Management Nugget Webinar, Dr. Denis Vincent will show you how to:

  • Improve communication between referral and specialist office
  • Improve patient satisfaction
  • Improve patient care
  • Save you time and money

Dr. Denis Vincent of ezReferrel knows that you prevent fines and security incidents when you take steps now to prevent problems in the future.

Health care referrals done right improves patient satisfaction and saves you time and money every day!

Webinar Show Notes:

00:30 Mama G’s story

03:40 Synchronous communication confirms that the message was received

04:29 Track referrals as easily as a book on Amazon

04:52 #1 Tip to better manage patient referrals

06:09 Find more effective ways to involve and engage the patient

06:19 Current typical patient referral workflow

07:42 Health Quality Council of Alberta (HQCA) and College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta (CPSA) standards for patient referral management

09:43 Better way to handle referrals

13:56 Manage and measure for quality improvement

14:42 Wait times reporting is easy

15:00 Create a referral

17:00 Over 95% of all patients or their primary care contact are involved and engaged

18:11 Referral requests

20:44 Specialist triage, accept, decline, or e-consult

22:05 Better use of the healthcare system resources

22:27 Patient messaging

23:40 Privacy ensured

24:40 Automate phone call reminders

26:00 Specialist report sent to the referring provider ready to download

29:15 Privacy safeguards with two factor authentication and audit trails

29:00 Implementation time line

32:00 Supports multi-disciplinary referral patterns

35:00 Primary Care Network pilot –the patient’s medical home

35:30 Benefits to the patient

36:31 Benefits to the referring provider

40:00 Mobilize your community and your referral partners to improve your patient referral management

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