How to Prepare Patient Records for a Court Order | Episode #066


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You are working at the reception desk of a healthcare practice. Suddenly, there is a police officer or court officer giving you a court order to produce patient records!

Don’t Panic!

Learn NOW how to respond a #CourtOrder.

In this episode we discussed how to prepare patient records for a court order with confidence!

Now, just a reminder, I’m not a lawyer and I don’t play one on TV. These are my recommendations based on my experience as a director of health records in hospitals in Canada, as a court reporter, and as a mentor to clinic managers in independent healthcare practices and not legal advice.

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With this report we show you how to:

  • Calmly receive a court order
  • Prepare the patient's health record for disclosure
  • Anticipate your testimony in court
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Show Notes

Recorded September 2018 01:36 How to Prepare Patient Records for a Court Order 02:40 Don’t Panic 03:16 Review the Order Carefully 04:46 What This ISN’T 07:30 Validate the Court Order 08:14 Secure the Patient Records 11:08 Inform Your Custodian, Privacy Officer 12:38 The Fine Art of Severing 14:32 Table of Contents 15:24 Prepare the Paper Record 18:36 Testimony 22:39 When You Return to the Clinic 24:24 What You Should Do Now

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