Payroll and Human Resources Solutions for Your Healthcare Practice


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  • Dania's #1 Payroll and Human Resources tip for Healthcare Practices
  • How to save time that you spend managing scheduling employees
  • Accurate and efficient payroll calculations and avoid errors and penalties
  • Ways to Meet Employment Standards and taxation rules with confidence
  • How to use real time data to manage work schedules and costs
  • Inviting employees to easily access their own work schedules and manage their availability and holiday requests
  • Improving the confidentiality of sensitive payroll data
  • A scenario physician practice with 5 MOA's
  • The benefits of using a payroll solution
  • And, how to create a payroll solution timeline

If you are opening a new healthcare practice or have an existing healthcare practice and want to reduce the time you spend managing payroll and human resources, consider using an outsourced payroll and human resources solution provider. Contact Dania Moazzam: dania.moazzam [at] ceridian dot com for more information.

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