The Skilled MOA


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In this FREE 30-minute Practice Management Nugget Webinar for Your Healthcare Practice with Ronaye Kooperberg, Ronaye explains the skills of the MOA and how they can contribute your successful healthcare practice.

What skills should a MOA have?

How does an MOA fit into your practice team?

How can a skilled MOA contribute to your successful healthcare practice?

A skilled Medical Office Assistant will contribute to make your healthcare practice a dynamic and productive workplace that provides great customer service. Join us for the webinar with Ronaye, and we will discuss:

  • Skills set of the medical office assistant
  • Good interview / hiring questions
  • Sample job description
  • Sample salary expectations
  • How to help the new MOA learn their new job – tips to train / orientate / communicate expectations during the probationary period to make this a great experience for everyone
Recorded Live Thursday, July 14, 2016 Join us for the Free Practice Management Nugget Webinar for Your Healthcare Practice The Skilled MOA: What a Medical Office Assistant Can Do For Your Healthcare Practice with Ronaye Kooperberg Become a member of Information Managers Network to access all the replays and all the resources!

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