Who Is Doing The Recalls In Your Dental Practice?


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If you have an appointment schedule with a lot of openings, you might need a patient recall program.

If you don't have many recall appointments in your schedule, you might need a patient recall program.

If you want to add additional or your first dental hygienist, you might need a patient recall program.

If you have patients that haven't seen you for a long time, you might need a patient recall program.

Today, Joanne Williams of U R DU Appointments is my guest on this episode of Practice Management Nuggets For Your Healthcare Practice!

Joanne will share how a patient recall program will help a dental practice, increase your revenues by implementing a consistent patient recall program.

Show Notes

Publish October 27, 2020

00:59 Introduction Jean L. Eaton

01:59 Welcome Joanne Williams

04:19 Pink elephant

05:15 Joanne Williams’s #1 Tip

Be consistent with your patient recall program.

What Is A Patient Recall Appointment

06:38 Why Are Dental Appointments Important to the Dental Practice?

07:42 Benefits Of A Patient Recall Program

08:20 Examples of Using Patient Recall Program

09:22 Metrics to Monitor

14:45 How To Start A Practice Management Program

15:40 Who In a Dental Practice Is Responsible for a Patient Recall Program

20:14 Benefits of Using Remote Team Working With Your Practice

22:35 U R Du Services On-boarding

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