Worried About Inaccurate Health and Medical Information Online?


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Carol Bush, The Social Nurse, knows how to create healthcare content that supports your healthcare practice. In this Free 30-minute Privacy Management Nugget Webinar Carol Bush will share with you:

  • Why should a private practice blog?
  • Why get serious about blogging?
  • Ideas for your blog.
  • Tips to support your wordsmiths and social media managers
If you have been thinking about
  • creating patient education materials
  • adding a blog to your website
  • creating or adding to your Facebook page or
  • other social media

then this webinar is for you!

How to Use Healthcare Content to Attract Patients and Improve Patient Satisfaction

with Carol Bush, The Social Nurse

Recorded Live Thursday June 1, 2017

Carol Bush is a writer and content strategist. She is the founder of The Social Nurse, a consultancy helping healthcare small businesses and Nurse Entrepreneurs tell stories that matter to the people they need to reach. She is a contributing writer for allnurses.com and an editorial advisor for Oncology Nursing News.

Carol is the Co-Founder of Healthcare Marketing Network.

Webinar Show Notes

1:00: Welcome, Carol Bush, The Social Nurse

4:30: Patients want healthcare information and will go to Dr. Google to get it.

6:50: You are the subject matter expert

7:05: Pink elephant in the room

9:00: Carol’s #1 Tip

9:25: What is a blog?

11:52: Why should a healthcare practice blog?

21:00: Ideas for blogging

24:00: Find wordsmiths in your tribe - Thinkers, Feelers, and Doers

30:18: Healthcare Networking Network – from support for your wordsmiths to complete done for you solution! Link Here: www.HealthcareMarketingNetwork.com

35:08: Free E-Book – 10 Tips to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Rock in 2017! Download Link

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