Bighorn Steel Classic with Chaz Macrander PRC Podcast Season 3 | Ep. 3


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On today’s episode, Chaz Macrander joins to talk about the Bighorn Steel Classic, gear to bring for Nebraska matches, exciting side-matches, and more! Nebraska based competitor, Chaz Macrander got into the sport through hunting and has since done everything from competing, ROing, directing local centerfire, NRL22 matches, to directing 2-day, national-level matches. Learn more about Chaz’s background, gearing up for the match, safety, and more, on the PRC Podcast! Index: 01:23 - Chaz’s Background into the Sport; the addiction 07:25 – Hosting 2-Day National-Level matches 15:11 – Gear bag dump; Preparations for match environment 32:03 – Preserving hearing with inner ear protection; safety 36:13 – Eye pro; safety 42:33 – Invested gear 48:13 – The latest on Bighorn Steel Classic from the MD himself; side-matches 55:20 – The NRL Trailer in attendance 56:05 – Forecast 57:06 – Shooter slots; changes this year 01:02:40 – Chaz’s must have for a match; Closing Links – 2020 Bighorn Steel Classic - If you enjoyed this podcast, make sure to subscribe to us on Soundcloud or iTunes for more episodes and write us a review! Share this episode with anyone interested in all things Precision Rifle. Do you have questions, comments, insight on the topics discussed today? Shoot an email to with Subject: “PRC Podcast S3 E3” Follow Us On: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Soundcloud: iTunes: Release date: 28 January 2020

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