Overall Match Win with Chris Way PRC Podcast Season 3 | Ep. 4


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On today’s episode, Chris Way joins to talk about competing with an open mind, the aha moments in his precision rifle journey, to earning a 1st place overall win at the 2020 Rifles Only Brawl, and more! Colorado based competitor, Chris Way got into the sport only a short time ago and has experienced a variety of new challenges state to state, to most recently earning a 1st overall national-level match win. He has had a year of perspective and continues to take that experience and put it to use. Learn more about Chris’ background, how he has taken the learning value of matches to apply lessons, and optimizing the training value, and more, on the PRC Podcast! Index: 00:58 – Intro 02:23 – Chris’ Background; Fast progression 04:15 – Using time to the best of your advantage; Each Match offering something new, so how do you see results 07:06 – Universal skillset pulled from multi-match experiences 10:31 – Developing a dedicated practice focused on improving averages 18:17 – Identifying weakness and adjusting to improve fundamentals and video analysis 25:09 – Conscious Practice; Training plan 30:06 – Adopting build & break drill in the process; Time budget 37:01 – Knowing minimum amount of gear you need to produce the results you want 41:26 – Season Plans for upcoming matches; goals for this 2020 year 44:15 – Experience from place to place; disservice if you don’t shoot in other states 46:30 – Room for growth in competitors’ capabilities 48:00 – Next generation of shooters; Closing If you enjoyed this podcast, make sure to subscribe to us on Soundcloud or iTunes for more episodes and write us a review! Share this episode with anyone interested in all things Precision Rifle. Do you have questions, comments, insight on the topics discussed today? Shoot an email to tishida@precisionriflechannel.com with Subject: “PRC Podcast S3 E4” Follow Us On: Website: http://precisionriflechannel.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/precisionriflechannel Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/precisionriflech/ Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/precisionriflechannel iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/precision-rifle-channel-podcast/id1367259793?mt=2 Release date: 3 March 2020

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