S504: The Cousins part 2


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The most bizarre cyberstalking story you’ll ever hear

Susan Fensten is a victim of cyberstalking. Distant family members and ex-cons bombarded her with harassing emails. She felt cornered and there was nothing she could do about it.
Rapists and Stalkers and cannibals, oh my.
Two ex-cons convicted of raping a woman were sending her threatening emails. They even invited her to the Fall Slaughter an event hosted by a cannibalistic cult from upstate New York. The plan was to eat her alive.
It was all a hoax
None of this was real. All these threatening messages were fake. And worst of all, the people Susan thought she was interacting with weren’t real either. Today’s story focuses on the search for this cyberstalker. Who was targeting Susan? And why did they want her to suffer?
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Check out Susan Fensten’s Memoir based on this story titled, “You have a very soft voice, Susan.”
Today’s show was written by Javier Leiva and edited by Molly Brock. Our theme music was written and composed by Joe Basile with TheChicken.net. Additional music by Blue Dot Sessions and Podington Bear.
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