Self Worth & How To Be A High-Value Woman ft. Isabel Palacios!


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Self worth is probably the #1 thing I’ve struggled with in this lifetime. As a Chiron in Cancer who has experienced repeated trauma, abandonment & cruelty beyond belief throughout the years... it’s definitely taken everything in me to undo the lie that my life was absolutely meaningless & had no value. Worthlessness to me felt as true as the air in my lungs & the blue in the sky. It was obvious to me & I was convinced of it in every cell of my body. My journey has been one of detoxing my entire being from deeply held convictions of my inherent worthlessness & cultivating a genuine feeling of at the very least ....neutrality towards myself—which took about 6 years of DEEP inner work. And that was only Step 1. Step 2 since then has been evolving my self image one step further from: “I’m not worthless” & “I have value” to “I am HIGHLY VALUABLE” & “This world is LUCKY to have me.” It’s still a journey & I’m sure anyone who has experienced severe trauma or hardships in life can definitely relate. But I can honestly say that my sense of self worth has grown to a level I genuinely did not believe was EVER possible for me. Not in 5 million years. I feel so proud of myself for how far I’ve come on my self love journey & now I’m extremely passionate about sparking & fueling that journey within others! That said, Isabel Palacios was the perfect guest for that intention as she exudes such royal, Queen, Goddess vibes & has such a passionate self worth message! Isabel is currently inspiring over 200k subscribers on Youtube from all over the world to love themselves, live their dreams & embrace their inner Goddess. In this empowering episode we talk about: -Putting YOURSELF on the pedestal! -Why it’s so important to STOP chasing our desires & allow them in from a calm space vs. grasp-y, desperate energy -Permission to stop aiming low & instead set our standards HIGH in our lives, friendships & relationships -The importance of raising our expectations beyond the bare minimum (!!!!!!!) -Re-claiming our power & inner sovereignty in this time of awakening & so much more! I can attest that when you make this shift in your energy & begin to see yourself as the High Value woman you are (& have always been), that’s when you can really start to play & have some fun with life! Or as Isabel put it, “when you realize who you really are, that’s when the game changes.” And I couldn’t agree more! ~~~ “How To Be A High Value Woman” by Isabel Palacios: Follow Pretty Soul on Instagram! Follow Jhéani: Follow Isabel!

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