The Impact of Anti-Blackness with Nikka Karli


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Today’s Pretty Soul episode is a rich conversation for ALL races on the importance of examining & healing our own internalized anti-blackness. Whether you’re white, black, or any other race.... unfortunately we all have been impacted by the system of racism in one way or another & therefore, we all have absorbed anti-blackness as a result, whether we realize it or not. In this episode we are joined by another amazing Goddess guest, the beautiful Nikka Karli who is an incredibly knowledgeable, eloquent, and empowering speaker on this subject. Nikka is an “erotic muse” creatrix who also facilitates anti-racism work with her white clients & inner healing work / sovereignty reclamation with her BIPOC clients. This episode is one of our favorites so far and is extremely insightful & eye-opening for all who desire to be apart of this revolution! Understanding the impact of anti-blackness in our society is a necessary step on our journey to collective evolution & lasting systemic change. In order for us to truly heal & reverse the impact of racism in our external world, we MUST be willing to acknowledge the impact it’s had on our internal worlds as well. And internalized anti blackness is a huge part of that. Keep in mind that this isn’t just work for white people to do—-it’s for every single one of us. Because as Nikka says, “the liberation of one means absolutely nothing without the liberation of all.” Leave us a review with your thoughts & make sure to share this important conversation with all your soul sisters! “The Impact of Anti-Blackness” video by Nikka Karli: We are different by Dr. Laila Afrika: Dr joy DeGruy “Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome” Theory: The Uncomfortable Truth About Racism by Jhéani: Dear White People, THIS is what you’re not getting by Jhéani: David Wilcock video on Black People’s Other-worldly DNA: Follow Pretty Soul on Instagram! Follow Jhéani: Follow Nikka on Instagram!

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