The Vaccine Trackers


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We’re in the midst of the largest vaccine rollout of our lives. A turning point, we hope. But it’s complicated — medically, logistically, philosophically. Who will get it first? Will it work? And, as a new variant of the virus emerges, will we get it in time? We decided to take you behind the scenes, talking with people who volunteered for trials, and to those scientists and reporters who trace every part of our search for immunity.

Original Air Date: January 16, 2021


Ilan KedanChristina LombardiSarah ZhangEula BissAdam Kucharski

Interviews In This Hour:

Signing Up For The COVID-19 Vaccine TrialTracking The Where, Why And How Of COVID-19 VaccinesThe Ethics of VaccinesThe Contagion Detective

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