100: #100 Sifu Brent Lance on JKD, the Smokey Mountain Martial Arts Camps & The Science of Power Punching


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The Primal Radio Podcast celebrates it's 100th show by interviewing Sifu Brent Lance who is a North Carolina based Physics / Chemistry University Professor who has studied martial arts since the age of nine. In this show he discusses:
  • The famous Smokey Mountain Martial Arts Camps
  • Wednesday Night Group Jeet Kune Do (JKD)
  • Smoker Fights / his combat focused approach to gradings
  • The Science behind Power Punching

Sifu Brent Lance can be reached via:
sifubrentlance@yahoo.com & sifubrentlance@gmail.com
Full Bio: https://www.jkdwednite.com/Brent.htm

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