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Mike Blackgrave appears on the Primal Radio podcast for a third time to discuss his recent mental, physical and spiritual transformation.
Michael Blackgrave, founder of SEAMOK, began his first steps in martial arts learning WWII combatives at a young age from his father, a 101st Army Airborne Infantry Veteran.
Later Guro Blackgrave also enlisted in the Army and served honorably with the 59th Ordinance Brigade and the 74th USAFAD during the height of the cold war in the capacity of COMSEC security. Additionally Guro Blackgrave gained twenty years experience bounty hunting, bodyguarding, and providing club and special event security. He has taught seminars to civilians, law enforcement and private security personnel throughout the United States and used every opportunity to gain more working knowledge of the arts as he traveled.
Mike is a strong advocate of practical and tactical firearm usage, and has taught seminars to civilians, law enforcement, and private security personnel throughout the United States. He is also responsible for building the P.C.C.T. (Police Control Capture Tactics) course for the Waycross, Georgia Police Dept.
Mike is a published author on the subject of self-preservation using edged and impact weaponry, and is a member in high standing with the WCMAA (World Combat Martial Artists Association) and also a life member of the NRA.
SEAMOK (Simple Effective Aggressive Methods of Kombate) is a combative art system encompassing any weapon, from boots to blades to bullets, toe to toe, downrange, or on the ground. SEAMOK was born from the sweat, blood, and scars of Founder Bwana Mike Blackgrave. Its foundations have roots in a myriad of systems including Goju-Ryu, Wing Chung, Qi Gong Kung Fu, Western Boxing, and a host of Philipino Martial Arts (FMA) such as Silat, Escrima, Kali Illustrisimo. After becoming proficiently adept in all these systems, Guru Blackgrave combined the best aspects of each system, and forged his own art, which applies to body mechanics and combative skills that apply with any confrontation and virtually any weapon.
Amo Guro Michael Blackgrave is available for teaching seminars on the concepts and applications of SEAMOK as it applies to empty hand, weapon, and firearms in violent confrontations.

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