Dr. Porridge's Plaguecast ep21: Lost In Porridge


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Welcome once again dear listener to this, our latest journey into the unknown with the Lost In Porridge Plaguecast.

Formed from the daily episodes of the most exciting, outrageous broadcasting since Songs of Praise this plaguecast is a collection of this weeks adventures in outrageous tall-tale telling.

Our intrepid guide is none other than Dr Cornelius Porridge; part gentleman adventurer, part steampunk stand up, part-time hermit. Some would say that a hermit's lifestyle is an all-or-nothing kinda deal, but in these troubled times he job-shares herming duties with Mad Albert McSpelunker, 3-times winner of What Hermit magazines "recluse of the year" award.

Following their recent adventures onboard a stolen alien warship, involving accidental genocide, the inadvertant summoning of an Elder God, and repeatedly narrowly avoiding being murdered, Porridge and his cybernetic badger accomplice Colon have now found themselves taking a well-earned break on the planetary equivalent of Betty's Tea Rooms. Hopefully Porridge himself will be able to make some sense of all this, but I wouldn't count on it.

Image Credit: Tom Brown

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