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I had no idea i work for WWE, and I'm not talking the New York territory brother brother. Walt Workman is the Owner, CEO, COO, CFO, President, Senior VP, VP, Booker, Writer, Human Resources, Janitor, AND Ref for the Brutal, No F's given, Top Talent promotion known as Heavy Metal Wrestling based out of San Antonio, Texas. but you can call him Dylan Dunbar.

Aaron Mercer is a rising star of the Texas independent scene. Man of few words but only because he doesn't waste em', which honestly is a quality we need more of in our little slice of the wrestling pie. Truly one of the last "Cool Hand Luke' types and with loads of potential to boot.

I am truly honored to not only call these gentlemen my peers, but my friends as well

Ladies, Gentleman, and Friends beyond the Binary, please welcome...


(recorded in front of a LIVE IHOP audience)

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