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What it is? Whazzuh? Me and my never ending impending sense of doom in the club (gahdamn).

Hope everyone is having a fantastic Memorial Day weekend, please pop a top and pour one out for the homie's and have a few for me as well lol.

This episode I am joined by the ever stunning and classy Jazmin Allure. Dead ass, this is one of my favorite conversations I have had so far. I really appreciated how open she was about her journey and i felt like we left the studio closer as family. In this business, it is so easy to become jaded and bitter, BUT to see someone come up from day one and achieve more in 2 years then some who have worked 20 (you know who you are) and do it not only 100%, but as a full time college student and with a full time shoot job to support herself and family. Inspiration is such a trivial word when it comes to my feelings about this hard working young lady. To see her flourish and thrive and to know that I had a bit part in her story is what keeps me from becoming another bitter asshat who thinks they know it all. Cheers to your Jazmin! Salute!

"No Such thing as bad student, only bad Teacher." - "Mr. Miyagi" Pat Morita

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