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Where my artistic inspiration comes from, how I bring it all together, and the purpose behind my artwork

Where does your inspiration come from? I think it’s important to look at who we are as creators and artists, acknowledge the different parts of ourselves, and think about where those pieces come from. In today’s podcast I’m sharing where some of my inspiration comes from and how I bring it all together to create my artwork.

I use a lot of color, graphic design, auditory, and word elements in my work. Part of this comes from the influences I was exposed to as a child, from my father who was an architect and artist, and also from the 80s visual and pop culture that I grew up in.

Humans have an amazing capacity to look both inside and outside of ourselves, accumulate ideas and emotions, and transform that into a creation from our hearts. I think this is why humans are constantly exploring and pushing our limits—because the more we explore, the more we understand ourselves. And that is what I’m trying to support with my art, creating a bit of a sanctuary so that we can let go and receive something new, something that will help us understand ourselves better.

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