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The idea of having a successful career and raising a family shouldn’t be a daunting one, but for some reason, it is. So many young women I talk to feel the same way. Some, are even considering changing careers that they love in order to prepare themselves for a family. The lack of women in leadership roles within the creative industry is a hot topic right now, and whilst having children isn’t the sole reason for this, it does play a big part. Even though I’m not at a point where I’ll be starting a family, it’s still something I’ve thought about, a lot. I honestly struggle to see how I can do my job (as an advertising creative) and have a family. ? I figured, if I talk to women that successfully juggle a family and career, then by the time I am ready, I will have all the advice that I need. I hope to inspire others and help eliminate common fears and concerns. I want to show women everywhere, that it is possible to have both. To be a professional. To be a mum. To be a Pro Mum. In this series I speak to Natasha Taylor, Emer Stamp, Rosie Arnold, Rachel Gott, a Senior Designer, Ana Balarin and Caroline Pay.

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