The Pharaoh's Curse - S12E5


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Was the Pharaoh’s curse actually put into place by ancient Extraterrestrials who wanted to protect the alien origins of the monotheistic pharaoh: Akhnaten? Was the Ark of the Covenant actually found in King Tut’s tomb and stolen by the Knights Templar? Was Akhnaten’s brother, Tutmose, actually the biblical figure, Moses, who fled Egypt under a new name to spread his brother’s monotheistic view of the world, therefore creating Judaism? Is Ramy Ramony the hottest archaeologist to ever actually exist, which, of course, excludes the ever-hunky Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones? We don’t know, but our plucky Ancient Astronaut Theorists sure think they do! Let’s proooooooooooooooobe into The Pharaoh’s Curse!

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