June 1, 2018: Mitigating Risky Business


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Alex Osterwalder https://twitter.com/AlexOsterwalder/status/1002593924735799296 - What will make this *product* successful in the market? - What will make this *project* successful in the rest of the organization? - What *variables* do we need to pay attention to that may disrupt or accelerate our progress? Risk is often at least a factor of three things: - Time horizons for results - Scope & exposure of the project - Values of the team Four things to help you overcome these risks & variables: - Context - Clarity - Feedback - Iterate, iterate, iterate Oh hey! We launch a new video series. 5 ways to get your app built! Check it out! www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHVjLZyknCU&list=PLuIA7tzXXafj9ZPVLbqBvgt8fmERKB9Cd Sponsored by Crema! Check us out at crema.us —>

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