How to Have a 4 Day Weekend Every Week Through Outsourcing — Peter Malick on Productivity


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Peter Malick is a lifelong musician who has worked as a producer, recording engineer, songwriter, and guitarist. His credits range from Norah Jones, to KPOP superstar Jung Yong Hwa, to blues legend John Lee Hooker. In 2013 he accepted a position with Pro Audio retailer Westlake Pro to help expand their online presence. At the end of 2014 he was promoted to Chief Marketing Officer of the company. Peter's diverse background includes a stint as a Casino Manager in Las Vegas, as well as 20 years of DIY marketing experience as a solo artist and music producer.

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What You Will Learn In This Episode
  • How we can get overwhelmed by over committing our time and effort and what that does to our health and productivity.
  • A meditation practice that is free to everyone and how it helps you de-stress.
  • Why Peter tricked his boss into hiring workers in India.
  • How to detach yourself from the responsibility of a task so that others can build their experience.
  • Why you should always start with a Minimum Viable Proposition (MVP).
  • Where to look for workers to outsource a task.
  • How to find the best freelancers without being overwhelmed by reviewing applicants.
  • How to cut 40% of your tasks and get more done.

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