The Chinese Invasion Threat: An Interview with Ian Easton


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What are the chances that China invades Taiwan? Do they plan on invading soon? If so, how would they do it?

My guest is Ian Easton, the author of The Chinese Invasion Threat. In the interview, we talk at length about the possibility of a Chinese invasion. Ian is well-versed in the issue having spent many years living and studying in Taiwan. He possesses a wealth of knowledge. In his book, he dives deep into the details of what an invasion would look like. Among the many topics we cover are the following:

  • The nature of Taiwan’s democratic government and advanced economy
  • The Chinese Civil War between the Communists and Nationalists that caused the current day split
  • How America’s diplomatic relations toward Taiwan evolved throughout the Cold War
  • How equipped and ready is Taiwan to defend itself from an invasion
  • The many domains in which China is seeking to lay the groundwork for an invasion
  • Why an invasion is extremely difficult, and lessons learned from World War II
  • How China under Xi Jinping was able to become militarily more dominant than Taiwan

This is an important topic which Ian describes as one of the most consequential foreign policy issues facing the United States. It is a must read for military and defense members wanting to get more familiar with the dynamics of the Indo-Pacific theater.

Check out Ian’s book-

The Chinese Invasion Threat: Taiwan's Defense and American Strategy in Asia

Follow Ian Easton’s work at The Project 2049 Institute. Click here for the website


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