Podcast Ep. 37–Ben Spees and Connor Reilly (The Mercury Tree)


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I have been a fan of The Mercury Tree for a few years now. I knew from the first few seconds of their album Permutations that I was listening to a band that truly embodied the word “progressive”. Since that album was released, the band has delved deeper into the world of microtonality and xenharmonics, releasing the brilliant Spidermilk and an EP called Cryptic Ruse. Both of these albums present us with music unlike anything out there- familiar yet alien, beautiful and jarring, completely unique. I chatted with The Mercury Tree’s Ben Spees and Connor Reilly about their latest album, xenharmonics, and the importance of making art in times of uncertainty.

Vestments, live at Mississippi Studios
Superposition of Silhouettes, from Spidermilk

Intro music intro provided by Advent Horizon. (Song: “Invasion Theorem”)

Outro music provided by Avandra (Song: “Threshold of Evolution”)

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