Black Christmas (aka Just a Regular Herring) with Bob Reyer


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Fright Level: Spooky with intense amount of existential dread
Trigger Warnings:
Intense depictions of and lengthy discussion of sexual violence and rape. Violence. Mild gore. Jump scares. Home Invasion. Stalking. Cyber Stalking. Christmas.
Merry Christmas and/or Happy Friday!
We got you a Christmas and/or Friday present! We did a very merry episode of the podcast with our very own Santa Claus, Talking Comics' Bob Reyer! Bob brought us some figgy pudding and we talked about the 2019 film "Black Christmas" directed by Sophia Takal and starring Imogen Poots and an army of amazing young female actors. Fair warning, this movie is extensively about misogyny, sexual assault, rape, and the way all of those things intersect with college. Just be cautious going in, we don't want to ruin anybody's Christmas or Friday.
Topics of conversation for this one include:
-Cary Elwes and how he can sell us anything, fixing leaky busts
-How funny the word bust is (to Ben) and how Emily just won't stop saying it.
-Bob brings the knowledge of all the other movies that are also called Black Christmas (I didn't check to see if he knew about Black Friday, but I'm guessing he does).
-Honestly, who steals a diva cup?
-Actual toxic masculinity
-Mean Girls (again).
-Why it's uncool to hang out at your friend's work and talk about their sexual assault.
-Alternate uses for dry cleaning bags
-One overly aggressive analogy about what it's like to be Jewish on Christmas
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