Mayhem (aka Office Space Game of Death) with Allie Mullin


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Fright Level: Spoopy with a side of existential dread about capitalism
Trigger Warnings:
Pandemic, disease, blood and gore, mild workplace sexism, a disability slur, horrible workplace, mild nudity
Let's establish something real quick: there are two opposing types of action movies:
-A "Die Hard": Work your way down through a building to rescue hostages / escape
-A "Game of Death": Work your way up through a building, taking out level bosses on the way, to reach a final boss at the top.
Now that we have that out of the way, you have everything you need to understand what I mean when I say that "Mayhem" is an Office Space Game of Death, in which you have to work your way through your evil coworkers to reach and fight the evil CEO of your company. Sound fun? Well, then it's time you met Mayhem!
Directed by Joe Lynch, Mayhem is a blood splattered, nail shooting, mug smashing good time. It may not have anything even remotely not straight to offer you, but what's less straight than fighting for the downfall of late stage capitalism, right? Maybe that's a stretch, but this movie is jam packed with class conversation and features an effortlessly diverse cast including Steven Yuen and Samara Weaving, who are cutting a bloody swath through an office under quarantine for a disease that causes you to lose all inhibitions.
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