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Fright Level: Terrifying (Very Scary) with overwhelming existential dread
Trigger Warnings: Violence toward animals, violence toward children, jump scares, light gore, gaslighting, insomnia, hallucinations, abusive familial relationships.
Good gracious guys, this one is a wild ride. We sat down on the day after the American presidential election to discuss the scariest and hardest to process movie we've watched so far. This one is long. Believe us, the experience was more difficult for us than it will be for you.
The Babadook is a 2014 Australian thriller by Director Jennifer Kent and is based roughly on her own short film "Monster". It's not an easy movie to watch, especially if you have kids which will become quickly evident in the first segment when we list the trigger warnings. On the plus side, there's no sexual assault in this movie, setting it apart from most of the horror movies we've discussed so far. It is genuinely affective and is a good movie, but maybe one you want to pick the right opportunity that isn't right after an already traumatic event to watch it after.
We will discuss not understanding Australia, Jeremy's certainty that when you shoot an Australian crossbow the bolt comes back to you, our shared appreciation for and dislike of Hereditary, and what a difference having a nice old lady next door can have. Get ready to meet a Chip that's not a boyfriend, but a sister. Prepare to shudder at the horror of a nine-year-old girl's birthday party. And finally, join all of us in just wanting to take a nap after we finish talking about this movie. Am I selling it? Am I selling you on listening to this podcast?
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The Quiet Place
The VVitch
Neil Gaiman's "The Ocean at the End of the Lane"
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