The Descent (aka How to Sell Millennials a Subaru) with Jason Strutz


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Fright Level: Terrifying
Trigger Warnings: Claustrophobia, grizzly violence, broken/exposed bone, jump scares, gaslighting.
How do you sell your sporty vehicles to a millennial? We know how!
It's time to talk about one of the scariest movies we've ever seen, The Descent. It's a dark, scary, bloody, grizzly, absolutely horrifying movie - then the monsters show up. Come join us as we leave finger prints in our armrests as we watch six women voluntarily climb through spaces they can't stand up in and wonder how that could possibly go wrong.
We discuss such diverse topics as:
-Proper storage of pipes on a moving vehicle
-A little place called Appalachian Mountains, USA
-Night eagles
-How much easier it would be to tell people apart if you didn't cast five out of six bright white people
-Why you're not getting any of us near a cave
-Is this movie made by an anti-cave lobby?
-Everything is a Jacob's Ladder
-Double majoring in nursing and xenobiology
-Your buddy, Holly, and why she sucks
-Rebecca, the most competent person on the planet
-Monster merkins
-Flares make caves look really pretty, but we're still not going to any
-The revolutionary feminism of showing competent women on screen
-The not so revolutionary feminism of this movie's subplot
-A detailed list of when you should mercy kill us and which celebrities and fictional characters we would allow to eat our intestines.
-Killer rabbits
-Marketing to millennials
The Descent 2
The Descent (The Unrelated Book)
Annihilation (The Book Series)
Tomb Raider (2013) - Videogame
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