Figuring Out YouTube: Strategies To Drive Traffic And Monetize With Marc Guberti


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If there is one thing we know in this day and age, it is that success knows no age. Young or old, with the technologies we have now, everyone has a shot at life. At 22-years old, Marc Guberti is already making bank monetizing YouTube. He is a USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author with over 100,000 students in 180 countries. In this episode, Marc shares with us how he reached success at such a young age. Driving traffic and building a name for himself, he then helps us figure out the world of YouTube—from some of the mistakes people do, to the techniques, strategies, and applications he uses. He also tackles the important metrics to look at and relates being on YouTube to podcasting. So much knowledge is here. Listen in on Marc to get the inspiration to jump ship on YouTube and success, no matter how old you are.

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