Monetize In Repurposing Your Podcast With JJ Flizanes


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Pod fading has been happening because people think that producing content always has to be new. However, not many people realize that one of the great beauties of podcasting is how you can repurpose your content. JJ Flizanes has successfully done this. She is an empowerment strategist, a director of The Invisible Fitness, and the host of several podcasts. From there, she took the things she shared in her shows and spun it into her bestselling book, Fit to Love. In this episode, she shares to us how she managed to find so many ways to monetize all of it and how podcasting became a tool for her to qualify ideas, establish followers, and make a bestseller. She also talks about the marketing strategies that have helped her build up her platform and voice in this crowded industry. At the end of the day, it is not about money. You do it for the fun and exploration, and hopefully, what will come out is revenue at some point. Learn more juicy insights from JJ in this conversation.

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