Promoter 101 # 189 - DWP's Gary Spivack


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The Promoter 101 Podcast features Danny Wimmer Presents’ Executive Vice President & Talent Buyer Gary Spivack talking festivals from The Epicenter to Aftershock right into Sonic Temple 3 Questions with Crewser Entertainment's Brian Crew Hosted By: Emporium Presents' Dan Steinberg + Special Guest Co-Host from ICM Partners' Chyna Chuan With News of the Week with: Works Entertainments' Luke Pierce Direct Link: Email Dan + Luke: Spotify: Tweet the Guys: Tweet Dan: Tweet Luke: Follow us on iHeartRadio: Follow us on Instagram: Facebook: Soundcloud: Website: itunes: Google Music: Stitcher: Tumbler: Spreaker: YouTube: LinkedIn: Edited by Connor Merritt -

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