3 Ways to Keep Momentum If Coaching Clients Aren’t Flowing In Yet


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Here’s the truth … business startup requires deep reserves of patience and endurance. Perhaps more than nearly any other situation in life.

It’s not easy.

Perseverance, grit, determination, discipline and belief in self – all those life skills that might not be your strengths yet are what you need to build to keep your momentum going.

The only way to get those skills is to master your mindset and habits.

If you do learn to master those things, you will be amazed at what it brings you. Not just income, not just great clients and coaching experiences but the joy of respecting yourself.

Getting your coaching business established and working for you absolutely requires you to believe it WILL happen — even when there’s evidence to the contrary.

That’s right. You have to have faith in your abilities, in the Universe and in your original impulse to become a coach.

Remember … the whole point of faith is that it’s there even in the absence of proof.

Stop the Emotional Roller Coaster About Coaching Business Results
Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s normal and natural to sometimes get impatient, discouraged and maybe even need an afternoon off to stew or just play. But don’t let yourself continuously ride an emotional roller coaster.

You know the high highs followed by low lows I’m talking about? I’m very familiar with them.

I invite you to raise awareness about that emotional roller coaster so you can begin to master your mindset.

At first all you need do is simply witness with compassion what happens inside of you day to day:

Someone responds positively to your newly minted website – you swing high.

Someone else criticizes something on your website – you swing low.

Someone says yes to having a Discovery call – you swing high.

Someone says no to hiring you – you swing low.

Someone talks up an opportunity that will promote you – you swing high.

That same person isn’t responding to your follow up emails to seal the deal – you swing low.

What’s the common denominator here? What the other person says or does is dictating your reaction.

You can stop that by raising your awareness to master your mindset.

Listen, nothing is wrong with you. All new business owners are initiated through patience.

It simply takes time to establish a business. During this seemingly interminable slow time 3 important things are happening:

1. People are getting repeat exposure to you and naturally deciding whether or not they are in your tribe. There is nothing bad about that. It’s all good.

2. You are finding your own style, approach and process with many new things. Just like a baby learning to become a toddler. It’s not always pretty but you would never deny that baby the chance to grow into themselves. Don’t deny yourself that time.

3. You are stepping into the CEO role of your business. More about this in a minute.

But you are not being rejected. There’s a natural process here. Allow the naysayers to naysay. It’s not about you. Allow opportunities to flow in and out. The right ones will materialize.

All that’s happening here is that you are establishing your business and it will take more time.

You are not receiving signals that you’re not on the right path. You’re being tested for your resolve. Stay the course and be true to yourself.

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