The Jaw-Dropping Truth about Money, Growth and Expansion


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We have so many beliefs around money that limit our ability to expand. "More money means more greed." "Money doesn't grow on trees." What if money plays an extraordinary role on your journey to living in your purpose?

In today's episode, Sandy talks about money, investing and the cost of staying in your comfort zone when you feel with every fiber of your being that you're ready for a change.

You'll hear her talk about:

  • How you might be limiting your capacity for growth
  • The role important role that money plays to support you in your Highest Expression and purpose
  • How doing the inner work led her to expansion in her life and business
  • The cost of staying in your comfort zone
  • How to make a decision to invest in something that supports your energy
  • How to identify if it's your ego or your intuition through your body wisdom
  • How to nurture your ego to agree with your heart

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