May 2020: Two-Way Movement of the Frontalis Muscle; Nasal Growth Outcome after Primary Cleft Rhinoplasty; Forearm Flap Donor-Site Morbidity


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In this episode of the Award-winning PRS Journal Club Podcast, 2020 Resident Ambassadors to the PRS Editorial Board – Min-Jeong Cho, Casey Kraft, and Ara Salibian- and special guest Amanda Gosman, MD, discuss the following articles from the May 2020 issue:

“The Bidirectional Movement of the Frontalis Muscle:Introducing the Line of Convergence and Its Potential Clinical Relevance” by Cotofana, Freytag, Frank, et al.

“Primary Rhinoplasty Does Not Interfere with Nasal Growth: A Long-Term Three-Dimensional Morphometric Outcome Study in Patients with Unilateral Cleft” by Seo, Denadai, Vamanji, et al.

“Prospective Comparison of Donor-Site Morbidity following Radial Forearm and Ulnar Artery Perforator Flap Harvest” by Chang and Liu.

Special Guest Amanda Gosman, MD, chief of the division of plastic surgery at the University of California San Diego, chief of pediatric plastic surgery and the residency program director and director of the craniofacial fellowship program.

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