Kyle and Joe - Solidarity Fridays - Week 9


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In today’s Solidarity Friday’s Episode, Kyle and Joe sit down to talk about Grof Legacy Training, Peyote scarcity, a DMT survey on entities, and more.

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Show Notes Grof Legacy Training
  • Its based on Stanislav Grof’s research into psychedelic therapy, holotropic breathwork, transpersonal psychology, and spiritual emergencies
  • Dr. Stanislov Grof and his wife just launched this program
    • It’s not just about breathwork
  • His involvement in the Grof transpersonal training program dropped off in the last few years
    • He wasn't allowed to teach breathwork in the GTT model, there wasn't any growth in the company, so a lot of people like Grof left and started their own thing
    • Kyle says this is pretty common with trademarks and protocols
    • Joe says he's very excited about it
  • Kyle says Stan’s work is very important and a lot of the reason Psychedelics Today came to be
  • Native American Churches don't have as much access as they need to properly grow Peyote
    • Perhaps, in countries where Peyote isn't illegal, there should be growing of Peyote
  • Native American’s are in a bad spot due to colonialism
  • As insiders, we need to talk about how to use less Peyote
    • “Pick one, plant two” should be the mindset
  • Kyle says, “how do we just respect these sacred medicines?”
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