Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s- Shake The table- Women’s March


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'Oftentimes the most righteous thing you can do is shake the table.' — Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's in her soaring Women's March speech. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez speaks at the 2019 Women's March in New York: "Last year we brought the power to the polls, and this year we need to make sure we translate that power into policy." The freshman congresswoman is a rising star in the Democratic Party and won election last year amid a historic landslide for Democrats in the House of Representatives. “We will pass ... an equal rights amendment that ensures that all people regardless of their gender identity will be respected by the laws of this land,” she said. The representative from New York’s 14th District, the youngest woman ever elected to Congress, stressed equal pay for equal work and parental leave rights for both men and women. Denver’s 2018 Women’s March Thousands of people of all ages, races and genders poured into Civic Center park Saturday morning for Denver’s 2018 Women’s March, propelled by a year of social and political tumult that many of them hope to calm at the ballot box. Video by Hyoung Chang, The Denver Post Read the story: We are proud to be curating a stream of positivity, fact, and information on Twitter at @PublicaccessPod ( Facebook as well @PublicAccessAmerica ( Please take a moment to subscribe, rate and review on iTunes ( The Stitcher Smart Radio App ( or any where you find your favorite podcast. Subscriptions, ratings, and reviews drive the algorithm, If you are someone that believes there are better conversations to be had, a new optimistic discourse, with conversation that goes beyond politically correct into honest and useful. If you prefer fact, and education over easy headlines and grey area rhetoric, Then I ask you to support Public Access America.

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