@CoryBooker Speaks At #EmanuelAMEChurch


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Cory Booker Speaks on Gun Violence and White Nationalism Official Website https://corybooker.com/issues/ Twitter @CoryBooker https://twitter.com/CoryBooker Cory’s spent his entire career running towards big challenges that others had given up on, bringing people together to do things that others thought were impossible. He believes that when we join together and work together, we will rise together. The importance of community was impressed on Cory early in life. When Cory’s parents decided to move into a neighborhood in a good school district, no one would sell them a home due to the color of their skin. A group of volunteer lawyers, who had witnessed acts of violence against peaceful voting rights activists on Bloody Sunday, were inspired to help Black families and stepped in to advocate for Cory's family in their journey to homeownership. Cory attended Stanford University on a football scholarship and helped fellow students by working as a peer crisis counselor. He also spent time mentoring middle school students in East Palo Alto. Later, he studied at the University of Oxford on a Rhodes Scholarship and graduated from Yale Law School in 1997. Instead of going to work for a big law firm after leaving Yale, Cory moved into a public housing project in Newark, where he teamed up with the other tenants to take on a slumlord accused of intentional neglect of the property and won. As a city council member, he drew attention to the violence that plagued the city and called for efficiency and transparency in City Hall. In 2006, he was elected mayor with 72 percent of the vote. Two decades later, Cory still lives in Newark’s Central Ward.

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