The Squad Press Conference In Response To Donald Trump’s Attacks


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Representatives Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.), Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) respond to President Trump saying they should “go back” to the counties they came from. Sometimes. In good times we at Public Access Americas get to addresss history, and some times, history happens right there in our face. Now. I like to grab stuff to get the sound byte on the record. Some times I think a moment in history should be preserved, and some times we hope to educate people on the full version of a clip that may be taken out of context., Please if you here a comment about some folks you should know the full Ilhan Omar speech is in our string of episodes What I think is important is to show the world in some small way that America hasn’t lost it’s way. We are the people as always. We have a wacky President, and that was a mistake, or a crime, or dumb luck, but at some point we will be America again, and we will be even stronger for our struggles. We are a nation of wounds. A collection of courage, and not what is represented in our media, Donald trump divides us, and some networks earn money of highlighting the fight. Makes us look bad. Redneck fighting with ma in Walmart while our shorts keep slipping of and our beer is piling crazy This episode. These four women. It’s all important because in the chaos you see on t.v every day or see on your version of news there are people. Good solid people. Coming together under the noise, and they are doing good things. The first thing they addressed was dark campaign dollars, the last was raising the minimum wage. They are trying to make sure you are insured democrat republican and independent alike. The policies they are creating help every American. While the noise says they are radicals, their actions say they are busting their asses for us. Now to me it’s simple. They want to give me insurance. Job training, and a brand new Green technology industry, They want corruption out of politics, they want legalized weed, And they want that for every one of us. They understand this about immigration. We are a consumer based society. We get our jobs from building things and creating things that people buy. Americans as well as immigrants buy stuff. A lot of stuff, stimulating our economy. And hey. Big secret. Some of them love their guns. They just hate Mr. crazy or mrs. Depressed to have one like theirs. Here I say keep the guns. Outrageously tax the bullets. So world. From all of us here, America loves the heck out of you. You are right to be worried. Dude is crazy-zy, but we have millions of honest to God good people every where fighting back against him. This is not the end times. Donald Trump is not the antichrist. He is a shiny object that we can focus on to forget our lives, at some point the good will win and people will own their own problems and go back to kicking ass and changing the world. We are proud to be curating a stream of positivity, fact, and information on Twitter at @PublicaccessPod ( Facebook as well @PublicAccessAmerica ( Please take a moment to subscribe, rate and review on iTunes ( The Stitcher Smart Radio App ( or any where you find your favorite podcast. Subscriptions, ratings, and reviews drive the algorithm, If you are someone that believes there are better conversations to be had, a new optimistic discourse, with conversation that goes beyond politically correct into honest and useful. If you prefer fact, and education over easy headlines and grey area rhetoric, Then I ask you to support Public Access America.

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