You Create What Your Party Is, Your Party Shouldn’t Create You


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00:00 Message to creators - organic brand building tips 04:10 Best theme song ever - better in stereo 06:10 intors and back end updates - 08:40 Mistakes are made - the Ted Cruz review 16:00 In Ride the radical democrat heros - eye balls by outrage 25:00 Energy explainations from above - It wasn’t the feds, wasn’t The Green New deal, It wasn’t over regulations 34:00 Planning for zero - it’s planning 37:00 Energy diversity - Begins the solution conversation 50:00 From space back to - the microgrid 55:00 research your officals and ask them stuff 57:00 automomos state power grids could rock 59:00 Jobs for everyone in an energy independent future - 1:02:00 Deselinazation combined with neuclear - creating water independence 1:04:00 but gas and oil is consistent 1:06:00 Cause and affect could cause an americana resurgence 1:10:00 This is what I mean by a profressive republican 1:13:00 are we fixing politics - bump - bump - here we go - nailed it! 1:18:00 Lets get ADK and AOC in here stat! 1:26:00 Introducing Our new Podcast - Inspirations beyond Disabilities 1:29:00 Real people real conversations real solutions

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