MMA Mafia & Corruption | TUF: Navy vs Army | Guest Robert "TQ" Turnquest Joins Pure EVil MMA (EXPLICIT)


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Welcome back to another episode of Pure EVil MMA Podcast with Host EVil Eddie.

On todays program The Champ 170lbs and one of the Pure EVil Guests of the year over the last half decade, Robert "TQ" Turnquest is back to help co-host. The guys dive into some very eye opening COVID 19 FACTS that are backed up by "TQ" with sources you can find down below like how there have been stories that broke back in January of this year that were somehow overlooked in concern of the creation of this pandemic being created right under our nose.

Also as promised, the guys stand up and speak on what so many other fighters and journalists will NOT TELL YOU in regards of what really is going on behind the scenes in the MMA World. Ali Abdelaziz and his past are put on blast along with his signed fighters who may have been used as pawns to recruit young teens for evil acts within the dark world of what Americans would call Gang affiliation that later would go on to back a leader who is known for killing gay and bisexual humans as if they were nothing more than a weed in a garden.

Keep an open mind during this program and make sure to do your own research! Both Robert Turnquest and EVil Eddie have provided sources down below! We suggest starting with one of the most infamous articles in MMA History called "Rat In A Cage" by EVil Eddies good friend MIKE RUSSEL!

So dive in and enjoy the stories of the corruption that has been been overlooked inside the MMA Scene for many years including some well known cases that are affiliated with some of the most well known and exciting fighters to date on this episode of Pure EVil MMA Podcast!


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