149 Staying Power - Creating and Cementing Habit Change


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Matt lays down a solid foundation on STAYING POWER - creating and cementing performance habits, especially in the popular areas of nutrition and strength.

First, though, we must differentiate between a habit and a resolution.

  • A habit is something that stays with you - becomes a part of you -- for the long-term.

  • A resolution, conversely, is quite often a self-imposed intervention and reeks of unsustainability. These are often pass/fail short term fixes with very little chance of success.

Matt anchors this timely discussion around two always-popular topics of performance: strength training and nutrition. How do you go about making a long-lasting change without falling into short-term, pass/fail traps?

Here are some of the tips that Matt breaks down in detail.

  • Share the journey (for accountability)

  • Focus on the process, not the outcome

  • Seek mini-victories

  • Draw from the lessons of 2020

Habit formation.

It should feel like a small change, a small step. But it will be a step that makes a mighty echo across your performance spectrum.

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