Finding Fitness Motivation, Balance & Success, with Danielle King, Founder of KIHT Collective


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KIHT Collective launches today! I'm sitting down to interview Founder Danielle King. Danielle is a super inspiring friend of mine and I wanted to share her incredible career journey, working in fashion design for some of the UK's biggest womenswear brands. Danielle is combining her passion for design with her love of fitness, launching her very own Activewear collection KIHT Collective. Aimed at helping women to have fun and get sweaty, KIHT is made with busy babes in mind. Whether you're wearing KIHT walking the dog, running errands or having fun with your fave workout, KIHT wants you to look and FEEL good whilst doing it. In this episode, we chat all things fashion, career success and of course, health and fitness tips. We also get a peek behind the scenes into the fashion industry as a whole, and the sustainability measures KIHT has in place to make sure you get the best gym wear, at a great price, without costing the planet! Danielle has some fab career and wellbeing advice to share, I know you're gonna get loads of inspiration from this chat. Check out KIHT Follow KIHT Follow Danielle Danielle's Resource - The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey

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