How to believe in yourself! Freelance life and fitness tips with journalist L'Oreal Blackett


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L'Oreal Blackett is a Manchester-based freelance journalist, magazine editor, presenter and speaker. To me, she is a shining example of how far hard work, positivity, self-belief and perseverance can get you in your career. Making herself known in a cut-throat industry, always backing herself and knowing she deserves to take her spot at the table, I know L'Oreal's story is gonna motivate you today, whatever you're focused on at the moment. However, if you are looking to go (or currently beginning) a freelance career, we do have a great chat about confidence, finances and getting paid. L'Oreal is brutally honest and candidly shares the ups and downs of her first year being self-employed. Follow L'Oreal Instagram Newsletter

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