Thriving not Surviving - Managing Mental Health at Work, with Mad and Sad Club


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Jo, the founder of Mad and Sad Club, helps individuals and leadership teams manage mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. Today we discuss how both sides of that equation can be changing company culture and encouraging people to look after their mental health at work. In this episode, you'll learn: - How to say no to your boss (yep!) - Looking after your team's mental health (for leadership and management) - Creating a workflow that promotes your wellbeing if you're self-employed or working from home - Tips for managing your inbox (a huge source of stress for many) - Jo's personal practices for self-care, boundaries and wellbeing Reach out to us on Instagram to let us know you listened, and share your biggest takeaways! Follow Jo Follow me Jo's Podcast Recommendations Sh**ged Married Annoyed Jules and Sarah The Podcast

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