Episode 200 | Redeeming Systems & People: Heather Rice-Minus


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As Christians, we're confident in the gospel’s power to redeem us as individuals. But perhaps what we don’t talk about enough is the gospel’s power to transform larger systems, structures and cultures. This is a truth Heather Rice-Minus challenges us to see. As a senior vice president at Prison Fellowship, Heather articulates the case for restorative criminal justice solutions and explains how churches play a critical role in meeting the needs of those impacted by crime and incarceration. Want to go deeper in this conversation? Get your free copy of Outrageous Justice and sign up for Prison Fellowship's virtual small group study at www.prisonfellowship.org/outrageousjustice. To listen to more talks like this one, start a free trial to Q Media, our online learning platform for Christian leaders, at qideas.org/trial.

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